Wireless Network Solutions
Our Wi-Fi installation services extend to all equipment that we sell including:

  • Wi-Fi wireless LAN switched system installation
  • Point-to-Point / Point-to-Multipoint outdoor wireless distribution
  • A physical site assessment to confirm suitability of each intended mounting location
  • Confirmation of suitable power capacity and availability (POE/Mains)
  • Installation of required structured Ethernet cable (both indoor and outdoor installation)
  • Interconnection of the Wi-Fi system to the existing IP network infrastructure
  • Equipment  on-site configuration
  • Post-installation coverage and connectivity verification

When a Physical Site Assessment is performed, one of our experienced representatives will visit your premises to survey the proposed areas that require wireless coverage. This will enable us to provide detailed documentation for the installation engineers and also give you an idea of the number of access points required. On this visit, each proposed installation location is assessed and evaluated with the following objectives:

  • Identify any construction characteristics that would affect the actual installation
  • Make sure that each physical installation location is suitable and reasonable and is not impacted by real-world factors in the environment including:
    • Steel beams or lighting fixtures that would cause signal obstruction
    • Walls that can not be penetrated (glass, poured concrete, etc).
    • Kitchen areas where microwave ovens are located
  • Special aesthetic concerns
  • Confirm accessibility for cable runs, etc
  • Mark each location to facilitate decision making and installation
  • Provide documentation